Cautron Software

As Cautron Software, we are a technology, software and digitalization company operating in the areas of expertise of web development, analytical digital advertising, marketing and digital design with our Cautron Business agency, and working in the fields of journalism and media with the Cautron Live brand. As the Cautron family, we support innovation and knowledge, and undertake development and development as a vision.

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Cautron Live

Cautron Live!

News and Media Agency, Cautron Live, brings together contents and news from all over the world about life, travel, entertainment, technology, music, events, food and beverage, nature, art, technology, fashion, science, history and culture. Delivers information to its users from all areas of life, provides new ideas and offers a sophisticated lifestyle. Cautron Live aims at global social development by presenting information to the society through its news and media site and social media channels.

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Cautron Business

Cautron Business

Cautron Business is a comprehensive marketing and software agency operating in the fields of software, analytical digital advertising and marketing management under the umbrella of Cautron Software Technology, building business development solutions and strong marketing ecosystems. Cautron targets high conversion and visibility by exchanging data with search engines through systems that can track potential customers with advanced conversion tracking and SEO-friendly marketing software. In addition to high-tech infrastructures, aesthetic elements also draw attention in Cautron websites.

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Cautron Meta

Cautron Verse

Cautron Verse is the digitalization brand of Cautron Software Technology, which researches digital technologies, contributes to its development, produces digital assets such as Web 3.0 and NFTs related to Metaverse, the internet of the future. We examine the development of the virtual universe and, accordingly, the conditions and innovations that develop in the real world.

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